Have you ever compared yourself to really successful women?

You know, the ones who love themselves, accept their own flaws, ooze confidence and self trust, and whatever they choose to do turns out beautifully?

I’ll be honest with you, I used to be so freaking jealous of those women!

I was certain they knew something that I didn’t know…like they had a secret code to success and I hadn’t received that memo.

And I would beat myself up and think I wasn’t good enough and blah, blah, blah…insert your choice of victim mode here.

Does that sound familiar?

The truth is, the secrets to success and self love aren’t so secret.

Everyone can have access to the principles and practices that allow us to cultivate success.

BUT often they are so simple that we think they must not be true. Especially if you believe that to be successful you have to work hard and that there is virtue in struggling.

These are common beliefs and they are perpetuated in our lives through the media, our religious institutions, our schools, our families. Those beliefs around “hard work pays off” and “the early bird gets the worm” are motivational in theory. But they can also be like cement boots. 

If we decide that we aren’t working hard enough or we aren’t showing up as the early bird, we can really turn against ourselves. Living and working from a place of not enoughness and scarcity brings more not enoughness and scarcity, no matter how much hard work we do.

Achieving success, prosperity, health, or a loving relationship does mean we need to show up and take action. How we show up and the energy with which we take that action is even more important than the work itself. 

I spent a lot of years discounting the simple stuff that success is made of because of the limiting beliefs and old stories I had. Until a coach called me on it and challenged me to try something different. So I took a really big look at how I was using my energy in everything I was doing.

The energy of expectations, the evidence I was noticing, even the why behind everything I did. And I got really honest with myself. And I realized the sources of my self sabotage and where I could shift to tap into success. 

And that’s what I am challenging you to look at, too!

But where do you begin?

What do you shift first?

What is the most important thing to look at?

The most important place to begin is with your willingness to commit to yourself:

Are you willing to tell yourself the truth?

Are you willing to stop blaming yourself and others and take responsibility for where you’re at and where you’re going?

Are you willing to prioritize and build your energetic focus and connection to your inner power?

Clearing out our past pain which can keep us stuck is only part of the success formula. After that comes the building of who you are from the foundation that you are whole and powerful. This is a state of being and not just a feeling. And practicing that state of being takes consistent daily commitment. 

Three important perspective shifts or practices to commit to and begin living from are:

  1. Doing the mindset work regularly versus only when you feel shitty. Doing something like journaling or meditation once in a while can help you get over a shitty day, but when you practice empowering mindset habits daily, it helps you catch yourself before you fall into a funk and have a shitty week or month.
  2. Expecting things to work versus hoping for the best. When you take action do you hope it will work out and see how it goes? Or do you intend with conviction that the Universe is doing everything in its power to support you and will bring you exactly what you need, even if it doesn’t look how you thought?
  3. Knowing why you’re doing the things you do: is it because you hope to fix something you think is broken inside you? Or because you know it will help you become the best version of yourself and grow your inner strength and power?

Really take a good look at your actions, thoughts, and energy and how you direct them.Telling yourself the truth about what you believe, what you tell yourself, and why you do things will help you zero in on where you’re sabotaging your own success. 

Kasia Rachfall is an intuitive breakthrough coach and healer working with the Akashic Records to help spiritual women break generational patterns of feeling inherently broken so they can feel whole and have the freedom to accept their imperfect selves fully.

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