Feel Safe Feeling



Hey! I’m Kasia

I’m an Intuitive Coach and Healer and I work with the Akashic Records to help high achieving, creative spiritual women break the generational patterns of feeling inherently broken so they can: 

Feel whole + fully accept their imperfect selves, 

Have the freedom to live + create from a place of inner power, self trust, confidence and leadership,

And feel settled and content in their own lives.

The validation gave me confidence that won’t wane. The session is a tool, and one that I will call on a couple of times a year to receive clarity. The experience has given me an injection of purpose and excitement that I believe will stay with me. I feel more connected to me, my soul, and my spirit guides. This gives me a new level of confidence that is off the charts! ~ Carmen Reed-Gilkison

“I received confirmation of my soulful purpose, and now know what the blocks are to monetizing my biz and know who my business guides are. I received so much clarity that I was able to put together my first client package and start offering it right away. I am ready; I am enough and I am fully aligned to conquer my purpose!” ~ Eva C. Ponce

I felt open and grateful to have space to unearth the truth and a story that was holding me back and I was afraid to look at – it was unsafe on my own. Kasia calmly and peacefully moved me through a journey of healing. I felt safe, empowered, I laughed, I cried, I felt loved, supported and feel more whole now than before. Thank you! ~A-S Dumetz



Success isn’t about doing, it’s about becoming.