You’re only 30 minutes away from knowing That One Thing Holding You Back.

You know that thing…you can’t quite put your finger on it but you’re kinda maybe thinking you know what it is?

That thing, that when you break through it, will make all the difference in your life right now.

The Akashic Records have the answers to your questions. This vibrational archive or book of your Soul can tell you what That One Thing Holding You Back is AND how to move past it. 

She is magic! I did a 30 min reading with her and she was spot on in identifying my set back … this very thing has made me go back and forth throughout my life and now that there is a confirmation, I can let it free !! Thank you!

Smitha Gautam


It takes so much courage to want to know what’s hiding inside you and how it’s stopping you from thriving. Once you know the truth you have more choice. When you have more choice you become more powerful. 

The investment for this session is $65

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You can’t imagine how big a difference it made for me. It’s like you have put together/ filled in some of the missed bricks in a building. I feel so much relief, peace, and joy and clarity, – feel so empowered. Lots of love & gratitude.

Gita Gavare

I met Kasia a couple months ago and I’m so glad I Did! She has helped me so much on things that I’ve been working on and her intuition is always on point! I love when I ask a question and she just knows!

Mickey N Zoe

Kasia really helped me look into myself and what I want in life. She also helped me with some ideas and suggestions to guide me on my journey! Thanks, Kasia! I would definitely recommend her anytime!

Tracie Grondin

Kasia is the real deal. She pinpointed the one issue holding me back. And, not only that, but she essentially gave me the same message two other people had given me as well. Hot damn, Spirit! Our session was profound and enlightening. I’m so glad I chose to work with Kasia.

Allison Quadhamer