Heal Your Past Now


The Heal Your Past Now one on one healing journey brings the breakthrough to release the pain of trauma and drama very quickly. 


The Heal Your Past Now one on one work is a deep journey that brings healing quickly. I hold the sacred and safe, nonjudgmental space for you to release the pain from trauma and drama and release the numbness, loneliness and stop feeling like you have a secret to hide that’s stopping you from feeling happy, fulfilled, and achieving high in your life. We work together for a period of 3 months.

Even if you’ve carried the pain for a long time you can heal from it very quickly, when you’re ready.

I have walked this healing journey in my own life and released the shame and depression of hating physical life and of struggling being a mom. This work works when you are ready to step into the truth and take the steps.

During the initial healing session I flow Source energy and call on the support and guidance of my Spiritual Team and the Akashic Records. I call on the support of your Spiritual Guides and all other Source beings who can contribute during the session. I am intuitively guided to ask the questions that will bring to your awareness the highest level of truth and breakthrough for you. When you surrender to the paradigm shift that healing brings you step into the unknown. I am alongside you all the way so that you feel supported, safe and whole.

After the healing session you have integration work and complete access to my Mindset tools and Love More, Not Less tools so that you can rebuild the rhythm and flow of your life based on who you are as an emotionally free, clear, focused, and expanded woman. Your habits and routines must change to reflect your healing and the post session work is non-negotiable.

We have 3 follow up sessions and you have unlimited email access to me during the remaining 3 months. 

I channel and intuitively paint a Soul Tattoo art piece that reflects your breakthrough and your highest essence and truth. It has the resonance to remind you of who you truly are and to stay the course. I ship this painting to you and if you have questions about it we have a Q&A session.

When you decide that you’re ready to heal and release all the pain you’ve been living with the Universe conspires with you to make it happen. Healing fills you with a deep sense of knowing your own value and worth (that was always there but was obscured by the energetic footprint of the trauma.) You experience more clarity and focus, you make decisions more easily and you trust yourself. 

When you decide that you can’t go another day feeling the pain, sadness, fear, numbness, and confusion you’ve been living with, the Heal Your Past Now one on one journey is the answer you’ve been looking for. 


I flow healing Source energy to you for a period of 8 weeks every Sunday morning.

An Energy Reading or Akashic Record Reading to be used within 6 months of the healing session.