Our past affects our present which in turn, shapes our future. I help spiritual women entrepreneurs feel safe feeling and heal all their old, emotional stories and feel powerful, confident, clear and do what they’re here to do!


Here is what I know for sure:

Your doubts and fears started a long time ago because:

  • Our past affects our present which in turn, shapes our future.
  • Life causes us to forget that we are whole, valuable, and worthy.
  • We all have old stories that range from trauma to drama and these old stories limit our potential. 
  • When you’re ready, you can heal from these old stories very quickly.
  • Healing doesn’t fix you, it helps you remember that you are already whole. 
  • When you want to become more in your life and business the old stories rise up with a vengeance because their imprint still lives within you and reminds you to feel inadequate, afraid, embarrassed, unclear, not good enough, blah, blah, blah.

So, to feel confident, clear, aligned, and on fire in your business and your life the old stories gotta go! 

By removing the imprint of those old stories, the trauma and drama from our body, energy field and life you not only remember that you are already whole, valuable and worthy.

You also:

  • love yourself more and have clear boundaries
  • communicate more clearly with your clients and loved ones,
  • make decisions quickly and easily
  • trust yourself unfailingly,
  • and get the results you want!

This is why I help spiritual women entrepreneurs with the emotional side of business and life.

Because if you don’t know how to manage your emotional triggers, stress, and get back up when things aren’t going your way, when you’re afraid of your own success, or sh*t is hitting the fan, you are leaving money on the table. Here’s how we can work together.


Private Healing & Coaching



I believe when you’re ready, you can heal very fast, no matter how long you’ve held on to the pain. And I have lived the healing I offer.

I’m here to 

  • Help you identify and release limiting beliefs, doubt, second guessing yourself, and self sabotage so you can not only know what to do but actually do it without fear!
  • Hold a safe, non-judgmental space where you can find the truth and perspective shifts so you can create the change you want.
  • Ask the hard questions that haven’t been asked before.
  • Encourage you to tell yourself the brutal, honest truth that hasn’t been spoken before.
  • Help you remember your wholeness, willingness and courage. 
  • Witness you become the leader and badass you know you are so you can make your impact in the world


Taking a healing journey and asking for help along the way is something we choose. And the truth is, no one can do the work for you, but can only show you a way to get there. You must decide if you’re ready and willing to take the steps.

Investing in yourself and becoming the version of you who achieve all the goals and makes the impact means taking responsibility for your outcome. You will get out of it what you’re willing to put in. 

I show up fully present and ready to serve you using my intuitively guided healing expertise and practical self love and mindset tools. I support you in getting closure and lasting change, remembering your wholeness, self worth, self love and integrate new rhythms and habits.

It takes courage. It takes honesty. It takes asking questions that haven’t been asked before. It takes connecting to truth. 

Ready for the solution that you’ve been asking the Universe for?

Healing that is based in science and spiritual traditions. 

The validation gave me confidence that won’t wane. The session is a tool, and one that I will call on a couple of times a year to receive clarity. The experience has given me an injection of purpose and excitement that I believe will stay with me. I feel more connected to me, my soul, and my spirit guides. This gives me a new level of confidence that is off the charts! ~ Carmen Reed-Gilkison

“The introduction to my guides was a wonderful aspect that just made so much sense as I can look back now and realise when they were talking to me. I also loved the way my childhood incident was explained to me and the different perspective of needing to shut down my skills in order learn how to ground myself, gain business knowledge and remember to be humble. I received confirmation that I am heading in the right direction and my intuition is worthy of trusting when I take the time to listen to it.” ~Suzanne Brereton

I work with spiritual women entrepreneurs who are ready to release confusion, emotional struggle, and fears and stand in their highest power, confident, taking action, trust themselves and their intuition, and fiercely committed to living their truth, making their impact, and achieving what they set out to create.

Have some questions you need answered first?

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