Visioning Course for Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs

Knowing what you want is one of the most important steps to manifesting.

But what if you only know what you don’t want?

Then you’re in the perfect place because you have to start somewhere! And knowing what you don’t want is actually the best place to start!

I created this Visioning process for myself because I was tired of trying to write resolutions and goals that I never achieved. I didn’t just want a bunch of stuff or a bunch of experiences. I wanted meaning and alignment and more of what mattered, and whatever stuff and experiences came along with that were bonuses. 

I wanted to really connect with and feel my purpose and know what my core values are. I wanted to know myself at a deeper level and then take action from a place of alignment with my purpose, not just take busy action.

The Visioning Course is the result of trying a bunch of approaches, choosing and keeping only what actually worked, and tossing the rest. 

What You Get

  • It’s 10 videos,
  • a workbook,
  • a Universal Angel Bank Meditation,
  • and office hours with me!

Because I want you to succeed wildly! I want you to be accountable! I want you to finish what you start!

In this course I walk you through how to:

  • uncover your core values,
  • clean out what you no longer serves you
  • magnetize your vision to you,
  • know what evidence to look for so you keep your focus sharp
  • and get clear on what action to take so that you create the business and life you want,   feel safe, supported, and confident every step of the way.

To trust yourself more and love yourself more you need to know what you want. And you need to know know why you want it. That’s the only way you will go after it. This Visioning Course takes you through the steps to get you there. 


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