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I created this course to help you change your relationship to your emotions and learn how to release them.  

I used to be terrified of feeling my negative emotions because I didn’t want to create more of them. This is before I knew how emotions really work and what their purpose is.

Emotions are powerful healers and crucial indicators when we know how to feel them and decipher them. 

So if you don’t trust yourself to feel through your emotions or you don’t know how. This course will teach you what you need to know!

I spent years numbing and stuffing down negative emotions because they didn’t feel good and I didn’t know how to really feel them or release them.

But that also numbs the positive, feel-good emotions. So, I found that I couldn’t feel the joys and excitements fully. My positive emotions were muted and watered down. And I didn’t trust them.

I didn’t understand the important role that negative emotions play in our human journey, intuition, and healing.

So I learned and tried things a lot of things and I want to share them with you! 

I want you to have support and a community of women who are walking together on their healing journey.

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xo Kasia

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