Client love about Akashic Records Work

I’ve been looking within my business for answers and working with the Records myself. Kasia was able to show me that I have all I need in my business to succeed wildly, it simply cannot serve me/others at a greater capacity until I acknowledge, understand, honor, gain insight and create an enlightened/elevated viewpoint around decision-making. This journey of understanding first needs to be addressed at the personal/soul level and then my business will offer me a platform to practice my new understanding to create elevated outcomes. The biggest benefits were experiencing the Purity of heart, intention, and service that Kasia moved through the session with. I truly long to resonate in that space of being, and experience that level of communion with Spirit, bring that level of pure awareness to the Earth plane, and serve my clients that deeply. In working with the Records, Kasia was able to identify the underlying reason for stagnation in my passion, gifts of service, income level, business relationships, etc and this is my biggest breakthrough. After working with Kasia, I feel empowered to ENJOY and honor this part of my soul journey, to create art, to connect with my guides, to allow flow where stagnation had took hold for so long. I am further intrigued about how I might work with the Records in the future to enhance my personal and service journey in this lifetime. Although I prepared, the more I released expectations and opened my heart to receive what the Records wanted to reveal to me the more profound the experience was. Kasia’s ‘welcome pack’ allowed me to transition into the session with ease and comfort. In the end, I felt as if I could have asked any one of my many questions, and the Records would have revealed to me exactly what I needed to create elevated outcomes in all areas of my life and business, because the overarching insight gained allowed me to see the situations from an elevated perspective and make higher-level choices. Thank you for our session today. It was the most insightful conversation I have had in support of my soul journey and my business in 5 years.

Kimberly Kleis

Graphic Designer, Artist

The session was very insightful and the validation gave me confidence that won’t wane. The session is a tool, and one that I will call on a couple of times a year to receive clarity. I will infuse more of my playful side into my business. I am very playful, but have not incorporated that into my business yet. Playfulness came through in the reading as an important part of me, and I can’t argue with that! This experience has given me an injection of purpose and excitement that I believe will stay with me. I feel more connected to me, my soul, and my spirit guides. This gives me a new level of confidence that is off the charts!

Carmen Reed-Gilkison

I wanted to know how to move forward in the new direction my business is taking. My biggest aha was that I am fully supported by an entire team on the spiritual side and I have to be brave and trust my path because I’m forging it, there is nobody to follow and all the answers are in me. The biggest benefits were clarity – knowing who to ‘talk’ to for each aspect of my business for writing and creativity. It’s huge because I feel as though I can converse with and receive info from when working on these aspects. I will use my team and my tools, I will have a conversation with my guides when working – if I don’t have a physical team to learn from I will learn from my spiritual team. I loved this, Kasia, it was so powerful and useful and soooooo right in every way

Shelly Petersen

I was curios to know more, especially about my business as I was wondering if I was meant to be doing what I have started working on.  I really wanted to find out more about Dragonflies in Action & a little on my personal records, if I’m stuck anywhere. I was not sure what I would be told so there was a little apprehension involved but I had faith in Kasia. I love the relaxed way you work and just really appreciate the initial contact being made. I received confirmation that I was heading in the right direction and my intuition was worthy of trusting when I took the time to listen to it. Realizing that I was on the right path helped me to relax into the work. The introduction to my guides was a wonderful aspect that just made so much sense as I can look back now and realize when they were talking to me all this time! I also loved the way my childhood incident was explained to me and the different perspective of needing to shut down my skills in order learn how to ground myself, gain business knowledge and remember to be humble. The biggest action for me is simple: write in my trust journal in order to build the flabby muscle (love the explanation) and keep going with what I have started. I will also look at where I can refine what I have started to do and make sure that I am working from both angles (spiritual and mental/emotional) for people to understand energy and how what is around them in the physical is a manifestation of the mental/emotional thoughts, beliefs and clutter.

Suzanne Brereton

I totally loved my Akasic record session with Kasia. The way she is able to tap into your business, see what is blocking you & then go into your personal Akashic records & get to the source of the block is amazing & so empowering. I specifically wanted more clarity on what was holding me back/blocking me and also to know if I am heading in the right direction in my business. I also wanted to know if my current offer and plan is what I am supposed to be doing, and to heal my blocks and understand them better. I learned that my need to be right is holding me back, my soul has already healed and it’s just my physical body that needs to catch up. My biggest aha was the shift to trusting myself more, healing my blocks and receiving clarity with my next steps. I broke through to more confidence in myself, I know I have already arrived and I just need to shift my perception. I know who my ideal clients are. My desires are right for me even though others do things differently. I healed my past trust trauma and now I when I decide to show up I have confidence and I trust myself. I know that my next step is to work on creating a course for my clients. I have had Akashic sessions before & this was like no other. If you are a business owner who feels stuck in your business and you have tried everything, you must connect with Kasia!

Karla Mejia

I wanted to learn how my experience with loss can be beneficial to others. How to use my gifts in supporting others with their healing. My intention for to gain a sense of peace that I was on the right track. My biggest aha was that I actually have guides supporting me in a way that I had never imagined. That they are working with me and supporting me as I step into this space of healing. And its actually a gift that I have no modals of therapy behind me, the healing comes from my connection and that all the answers will be given to me. I received Peace. Awareness. Trust… one of my cornerstones in my work these are huge benefits for me. I can now begin to be open about my story and be open to bring healing to others while I trust my guides that came forward to support me in healing. I can release the concern that I don’t have training to support these women as the healing is done on an energetic level. Kasia, you are gifted. You have a connection to spirit that not everyone has. I bless you on this new journey and am so excited to see where it will take you!

Tracey Swainson

I was curious to see how aligned I am to my purpose in my business and to get confirmation of my soulful purpose. I also wanted to find out my blocks to monetizing in my biz and know who are my business guides. The biggest benefit and breakthrough for me were being told that I am 100% ready, enough and fully aligned to conquer my purpose. I now know WHY I haven’t monetized in my business and this was a BIG aha. I can now take my time, enjoy the process and proceed according to how I feel. I know exactly who my clients are and what packages I am creating. Kasia, you are truly gifted and I enjoyed how you channeled my experience. I was totally inspired and thank YOU for the opportunity. 

Eva Ponce

My Business Akashic reading with Kasia was very eye opening. It gave me a sense of not only clarity ,but also the conciseness in terms of next steps. During the session we looked at the direction of Maria & Miracles, what can be done to fine-tune things, and where there lies a gap between my current reality and my intended reality. I highly recommend getting a reading with Kasia. After all, who doesn’t want to be divinely inspired and guided in business?

Miracle Maria

Client Love about Intuitive Art

Anne-Sophie Dumetz testimonial on her intuitive art piece. 


4 seasons paintings“About 2 years ago I commissioned a series of paintings by Kasia.  They each were painted during the change of the 4 seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall in order to follow the changes Kasia channeled in my energy field— if any.

The first was delivered to me just before Christmas.  I don’t know what I expected but I was surprised by the bold colours and a darkish theme in the first painting. It was of a glowing flower hidden deep in a forest with a path leading through it.  It was titled “Magic is Everywhere”. The reading that came with it was very insightful.

The second was painted at the spring equinox.  Again it had bright, deep, bold colours of many flowers blooming along a path. It’s title was “Patient Growth”.  Again the reading was of great value to me and very much resonated with me.

The third was painted during the summer solstice.  It was titled “Openness”.  Surprisingly it was quite different, consisting of soft pastels, again a path, this time by a lake with a rolling hill.  It had a calmness to it.  It evoked peace and serenity.  I definitely represented where I felt in life at that moment.

The final painting was created during the fall equinox.  It was bright and bold and in my face! It was titled “Being Seen”.  Again there was a flower, and a path, but this time instead of gently winding through the painting it was straight and stiff and split into 2 directions.  This was a definite surprise. I have now sat with it for almost a year, and still I am not sure which direction I should take.

I see the progression in the paintings as representing my life in general from birth to (?) future.  Since I haven’t yet come to the split in my path it gives me pause to reflect and direct my future course. I recommend giving this series a try to see how your 4 seasons reflect your life.

Thank you Kasia for your beautiful paintings and insightful readings.” ~A. J.

Tracey Swainson on white low signatureTracey Swainson intuitive painting on door“Kasia Rachfall is a highly skilled Intuitive, Healer and Mentor. In working with Kasia, I was amazed at how she was able to offer precise insight and to shine a light on what has been holding me back.

Her intuitive awareness allowed me to heal old stories and release the emotional pain that has held me back for so long, creating a sense of deep peace.  She has an innate sense of wisdom that allows her to connect with her intuition and hold space, without judgement.

As an intuitive artist, Kasia has the most amazing gift of being able to paint the energy of healing that is given to her during the session. My personal piece is “Sacred Love.” It exemplifies the very experience that I had and is blessed with so much beautiful energy that radiates off the canvas! I love walking into my healing space and welcoming me is this gorgeous piece of art to remind me of a moment in time that I will never forget! Of course, I’ve hung your beautiful painting in my healing room.  I wanted it on the door for others to see, while receiving healing themselves. I can’t tell you how grateful I am, the painting itself has so much beautiful energy. Thank you so much.

I highly recommend Kasia to anyone desiring healing support. She shines a beautiful light on your own personal story of life to help you get back into your flow!” ~Tracey Swainson


Sacred Centre Sacred Centre

“I met Kasia at a mindful parenting workshop where she was conducting a session on painting your old story so that you could release it and create your new supportive story to move forward in a positive way.  The workshop was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have been doing this kind of work for a long time but Kasia presented it in a new,  interesting,  vibrant and gentle way that really made me stop and think outside of the box.  It wasn’t just about the thinking though it was about the feeling and how the feeling felt and looked and how to convey that emotion on canvas. Even though I had only painted a few times in my life I was very intrigued  and took a second workshop.  This time, because I knew what to expect I found the experience much easier to connect to through the meditation at a much deeper level.

Since then, Kasia has intuitively painted a truly beautiful commissioned art piece for me titled the Sacred Centre.  Kasia captured the true essence of who I really am through my favourite tree the birch (how did she know I love birch trees??).  She painted the story of me in all my confidence standing in the forest glowing, surrounded by all the other confident trees.  I love my painting; it sits in my office so that I can see it when I work to remind me to step into all that I am and shine my light with grace and strength and to know that I am in a forest of other graceful, strong individuals and we are all there to support each other.  When you stand confidently in a forest being your complete self, brightly shining your gifts and talents you are truly connected.

Thank you Kasia for shining your bright light and sharing all your gifts and talents to support me in shining and sharing mine.” ~ Angela Chapman, Belief Re-patterning Practitioner


Dawn Vollhoffer with painting

I want you to know, Kasia, the best part of walking into my office each morning is seeing “Magic Rising”… I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks again for creating this intuitive piece for me. Greatly appreciated and loved. ~ Dawn Vollhoffer, bookkeeper, Kelowna, BC








FunKasia, What PERFECT timing. Thank you so much for the artist trading card. Everything about it was spot on. I felt a confirmation and warmth. the card was so me! Trees speak to me — roots and leave, I love spirals, swirling rainbow colors are representative of a message Spirit gave me at the lowest point of my life that continues to lift me. And best of all was the “mistake” of printing back upside down — absolute perfection for my life. I am about to set off on a daring adventure which I’ll share on Facebook when I’m off, and I will carry this in my purse to remind me of all the ways I am loved and celebrated. It was a wonderful gift — thank you! ~ ~Dawn Richerson





Happiness Flows

Happiness Flows

I’d like to thank you for the intuitive ATC you sent me. I love that you made it by channelling the energy of my name. I love the title, “Happiness Flows”. The image really does fill me with happiness. I love the simplicity of the image. I like that the vibrant yellow might mean new possibilities or directions for me. That’s very apropos at this time in my life!

One interesting thing is that yellow is normally my least favourite colour (well, that and orange). But somehow I’m okay with the yellow you’ve used in the ATC; it works for me. I’m not sure what that means!

My ATC is on my table in my studio, leaning against a jar of acrylic medium. When I look at it, I am reminded of the title, “Happiness Flows”, and I smile.

It’s a special feeling to know that someone was tuned into my energy when creating something for me. It reinforces my belief that we are all connected. ~Renata Kerr, Artist



Freyja P Jensen

click to see larger format










Vibrance of Growth

Vibrance of Growth

I love my beautiful “Vibrance of Growth” trading card. In my personal life right now, I’m experiencing incredible personal growth, a higher consciousness and transformation of the soul. My Nucerity team is also growing. In Network Marketing, we build “trees” so it’s so appropriate that there is a tree in my card. I also appreciate the symbolism in the two dragonflies. They represent change, self-discovery into the deeper meaning of life, agility and poise. Dragonflies are said to live in the moment and, due to their big eyes, they can see beyond the mundane into the vastness of the Universe and the human potential.

The gold and purple/violet colours are also beautiful. To me they symbolize the journey of enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment.

The card is beautiful and perfect. Thank you again Kasia. ~ Courtenay Pitcher



Pamela Adams

Thank you SO much for your wonderful artwork, Kasia. I was delighted to receive this beautiful gift today…3 days before my birthday. It’s perfect. I love the spirals and delicate white stars against the deep blue sky. I recently made it my intention to let love in adn you called this card Love Time. It looks like my infinite heart is standing at the door of my home and welcoming love inside. THANK YOU!

~Pamela Adams





Love Your Rest

Love Your Rest

Kasia I love what you painted “Love Your Rest.” My intuitive coach recently shared with me that rest is very important for me for the rest of 2014 as my 2015 us going to be full of big changes. Thank you so much for this wonderful intuitive trading card. I greatly appreciate it. ~Dawn Vollhoffer









Life is a Dance

Life is a Dance

Thank you for my energy portrait. It’s perfect.

~Corrina Steward











Lisa TaylorReceived my artist trading card from Kasia. It’s called Love Begins Inside. What a great message. Thank you so much! I love it.

~Lisa Taylor









Release your Joy, Christine's art

Release your Joy, Christine’s art

Love, love my card! Thanks Kasia!

~Christine Cronin from Satya Wellness











Grace with her art: Trust in Yourself

Grace with her art: Trust in Yourself

I am so grateful for your beautiful channelled picture of my energy, Kasia, with the perfect message! Thank you soo much!!! I can’t wait to frame my picture 🙂


~Grace Humphrey







I love my personal painting it uplifted me to think that’s what you see when you tune into my energy. I put it on my fridge so that I can see it every day many times a day it makes me smile. To receive this personal art made me feel special. I love your gratitude painting as well it is beautiful.  Keep painting as your work heals everyone. Thank you so much. Blessings to you.

~Mary Ruggiero







Caryn Connolly atc selfieGot this in the mail today from Kasia. Beautiful!

~Caryn Connolly






Julie Turner













I received my beautiful intuitive trading card from you yesterday. It is “spot on”. I love adventures! Perhaps a new one is on the horizon? Thank you for this beautiful treasure.


~Pamela Thompson, Founder, Creative Living Community








Debbie Di Stefano JenestI just got my intuitive Artist Trading Card called “Achievement.” Thank you so much Kasia!!! I love it so much! It brightened my day immensely.

~Debbie Di Stefano Jenest












David“Thank you, Kasia. I love the painting! You read into my energy well. Being in nature is one of my favourite places to be and the wolf represents the wildness in me.”

~ David, Kelowna, BC




Joy“Thank you Kasia for the intuitive painting that you made for me! I love that you were able to capture my purpose in such a beautiful and personal way! I am so impressed by how you were able to artistically interpret my essence as a coach and intuitive.  Thank you for seeing “me”.

~ Joy Kingsborough, Accelerated Journeys Coaching, Arizona



“I had never experienced an energy reading before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was amazed with the accuracy of Kasia’s reading and how connected she was with my emotions. She was so in tune to what was going on in my world, and the wisdom that came through as she spoke with me, was right on key. I would highly recommend Kasia to others as my reading was so uplifting and informative.” ~Tasha March, Abbotsford, BC


“Kasia has the utmost integrity in both her personal and professional life. She is honest, congenial, and a great communicator. She has been integral in all our interactions. Kasia is an intuitive, healer and coach I greatly admire. She has the natural ability to tap into the knowledge and remove the constraints blocking someone’s highest spiritual potential.” ~Susan, Seattle, WA.



Laurie’s Art: “Door”

“Kasia is friendly and approachable and skilled with her intuitive guidance. In our time together she confirmed some of the things I was experiencing. More importantly, she painted a beautiful picture for the future and gave me tools to assist my journey. My experience with Kasia was reaffirming. I know my guides are with me, that I can trust the signs they provide, and that I am on the right path.”

~Laurie, Kelowna, BC.



April's Art

April’s Art : “Earth Faery”

“Kasia brought me insights and perspectives that helped lead me out of a very stressful and tense time. She is a ‘spiritual power lifter’ moving out the old heavy emotions and dregs of the past, helping to make room for a more joyful life aligned with my true self and purpose. I was a though student! I was stubborn, it took some pretty straight but compassionate (direct) talk from my guides to get it through to me that I was putting myself through unnecessary heart ache. I am eternally grateful for the energy and emotion she freed up in my life by showing me a new way of looking at things while simultaneously shifting out some heavy emotions.” ~ April Kite, Kelowna, BC.