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How do you know if you have an old, toxic story limiting your life or work?

  • Don’t want to feel like a victim but still do sometimes and feel sorry for yourself
  • When something good happens you question if you deserve it…and when something bad happens you blame yourself.
  • You don’t trust your intuition.
  • You are triggered emotionally and stressed out and can’t seem to own your emotions no matter what you try.
  • You continuously self-sabotage and don’t trust yourself to make the right choices and decisions.

The obstacles you’re facing originate from stuck energy inside you: the stuck energy of emotions.

These fears, self-sabotaging behaviors, mistrust and negative emotions started in our past. Either in this lifetime or a past lifetime. They started because we experienced drama or trauma that we weren’t equipped to deal with at the time. So our subconscious mind stuffed those emotions into our body where they live to this day. They live inside us in the form of trapped energy and until we release it, we will continue to struggle, feel not good enough, and spin our wheels.

In this audio Feel Safe Feeling Experience, I teach you 4 steps that you can use to begin to unravel and release the negative effects of this stuck emotional energy. These steps will help you manage your emotional triggers in the moment they happen and, over time, release many of them altogether. 

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