Soul Tattoo Truth Statement and Mini Art

If your soul could tell you the story it wants you to know, what would it say? If it sent you a picture, what would it look like?

Imagine…the picture and the words that tell you what you most need to know right now to step into your highest power, feel more peaceful, trust your choices and create your life more deliberately.

Sample Soul TattooThe answers you are looking for are there for you. But when you’re in the energy of the challenge and the questions you don’t have clear access to the wisdom you want.

I have a gift for tuning into and interpreting the messages that your soul is whispering to you all the time. I capture the words and paint the images so they can continue to inspire, uplift and comfort you whenever you need them.

What you receive is a custom piece of original art and a channelled message that brings you more clarity, allows you to make different choices, and have the courage to create your life more deliberately.


This highly visual, bold and vibrant tool is for you if:

  • You want a permanent and constant reminder of your strengths and learnings that you gained through the challenges you faced. 
  • You want to get to the heart of the matter quickly and know the truth, because you know that truth gives you more choice, more clarity, and the ability to focus on what counts.
  • You want custom, bold and vibrant artwork that captures Source’s message to you and helps foreshadow and remind you of your strengths and the true work you’re here to do.


This tool is not for you if you’re not willing to take responsibility for what you have created in your life and you do not wish to know the truth of where you are in resistance. You prefer to complain, blame and avoid taking the steps necessary to create the changes you desire.


Truth Rising Soul TattooGiving Soul Tattoo“These cards were wonderful for my wife and I. We have them in card holders to have them placed in sight everyday. I felt that they were very accurate with the titles and wording.  They are a great reminder to continue to be true to oneself inner self. Mine was called Giving and my wife’s was Truth Rising.” ~Mel Clifford, Kelowna


The Soul Tattoo is a personalized 5”x7” art piece, painted using professional grade acrylic paints on 300 lb fine art paper. The painting is titled and signed by me and varnished for UV fastness and protected in an archival cello sleeve. The back of the painting has the printed truth statement from your soul to you.

The investment is only $97 with shipping included. Click here to get your own Soul Tattoo.

Sample Soul Tattoo paintings