Soul Tattoo Healing and Canvas Art

You’re ready to finish healing. To release the pain you’ve been chained to for so long. To start creating your life deliberately again.

When you’re a successful and ambitious soul you expect yourself to have it all figured out. 

But when you have pain that you haven’t fully healed, anytime you stand at a crossroads, experience a set back, or experience a challenge you bump up against self doubt, self sabotage, deep emotions, and resistance.


You want to get clear and confident about your next direction but confusion reigns.

You’ve tried a lot of the things that usually work but are finding none of them bring full healing and the breakthrough you want.

You’re so ready to be done with this and just take your strengths and lessons and move on.


Your inner critic grows louder and more obnoxious.

You’re drowning in emotional turmoil and so tired of telling the same old story.

You’re so ready to be free but you don’t know what else to do and try.

Your usual tribe of supporters don’t understand the full extent of the struggle that you’ve been dealing with. They’ve even told you things like “Get over it.” “Forget it, it’s done.” “Don’t dwell on it.”Intuitive Energy Artist Kasia Rachfall


Sometimes it’s not that easy!

  • You need to feel understood, not judged.
  • You need to feel honoured, not reprimanded for holding on to shit.
  • You need to feel safe and loved in order to let that shit finally go.


I hold the sacred and safe space for you to release the resistance, the pain, and the confusion, and to embrace the truth, the possibility and the power you have. I ask the hard, impactful questions that break you through to the answers you seek.

You know you’re ready to let it go when you feel compassion for yourself instead of anger and resentment. You know you’ve paid the price already, the pain of it all was enough, and you want to be free. You want to feel expanded, purposeful, and contented. You are ready to allow joy back in!

You know you’re not ready when you’re still telling stories about it, complaining about how it happened, attached to who you became as a result of it, and buying into the feeling bad, guilty, and resentful that it happened to you.


Tracey Swainson on white low signatureTracey Swainson intuitive painting on doorKasia Rachfall is a highly skilled Intuitive, Healer and Mentor. In working with Kasia, I was amazed at how she was able to offer precise insight and to shine a light on what has been holding me back.

Her intuitive awareness allowed me to heal old stories and release the emotional pain that has held me back for so long, creating a sense of deep peace.  She has an innate sense of wisdom that allows her to connect with her intuition and hold space, without judgement.

As an intuitive artist, Kasia has the most amazing gift of being able to paint the energy of healing that is given to her during the session. My personal piece is “Sacred Love.” It exemplifies the very experience that I had and is blessed with so much beautiful energy that radiates off the canvas! I love walking into my healing space and welcoming me is this gorgeous piece of art to remind me of a moment in time that I will never forget!

I highly recommend Kasia to anyone desiring healing support. She shines a beautiful light on your own personal story of life to help you get back into your flow!

Of course, I’ve hung your beautiful painting in my healing room.  I wanted it on the door for others to see, while receiving healing themselves. I can’t tell you how grateful I am, the painting itself has so much beautiful energy. Thank you so much.” ~Tracey Swainson


This Soul Tattoo Healing & Canvas Art is for you

  • When you want to start creating deliberately and from a place of clarity and confidence.
  • You want to dump that bag of shit that’s been tied to your leg like a ball and chain.  
  • You want to feel heard and and to heal.
  • You want to connect to your strength, your spirit, your heart and the internal guidance you have that will lead you to the next level of your path. 
  • You want to find your focus again and be able to create your next steps. Your big work in this world. Your ”Why” you are here.


The Soul Tattoo Healing & Canvas Art is a sacred adventure. Being curious and open to all the possibilities within you to shine through the painting are only the beginning.

We begin with a conversation.

If you live in my beautiful town (Kelowna, BC) I love to meet you in person at a favourite local coffee shop or nature hike. I ask you powerful questions. You dive in and look in the places where the healing is ready to take place. We do really deep work.

Because of the depth and high energy flow of this healing relationship, and the time to finish a painting, I accept only 3 commissions per month for the Soul Tattoo Healing & Canvas. Click here to claim your spot.


The Soul Tattoo Canvas Experience includes. 

  • The healing session, usually 45-60 minutes.
  • The original Intuitive Energy Painting created with artist grade acrylic paints on canvas and UV varnished for protection.
  • A compilation chronicling the creation of the painting along with progress photos and information about the process.
  • A channelled intuitive message for you.
  • A 45 minute completion session to ask any questions you have about your painting and your reading.
  • Email access to me for 30 days for additional support and answers to your questions that may come up.
  • Free shipping within Canada and the USA.


The investment is $597. Click here to claim your Soul Tattoo Canvas.


View examples of commissions here.