Self Reflection Deck


These vibrant images and channelled words create a self reflection experience whether you pull one card a day or use them in traditional spreads. Connect with the energy of the cards to gain deep insight into your soul, your purpose, and your every day life.

These cards make a beautiful and meaningful gift for a loved one, a client or a colleague who wishes to delve deeper into their own journey.


I created the Self Reflection Deck using my intuitively painted art and channeled words. It’s the perfect mirror for reflecting to you what your Soul wants you to know. The cards offer insight into yourself and your journey. Whether you want to pull one card a day for focused insights or use the cards in traditional reading spreads, these bold and vibrant cards deliver the high resonance art and deep messages you need.

Each card is a powerful combination of my bold, colorful, high vibration art paired with channeled words that the Universe gave me. You can use this deck in traditional spreads or pull one card a day.

These cards are for you if:

  • You love to ask powerful questions and unpack the answers you receive in your own time.
  • You love to have access to answers anytime you want.
  • You enjoy pulling cards daily to help you focus and get clear, one step at a time for maximum safety and comfort as you move forward
  • You love vibrant and bold art with high energy resonance.

These cards are not for you if you do not want to face the truths that you need to understand in order to move forward in your life. The messages in these cards cut straight to the chase and point out exactly what you need to know. If you prefer to blame, complain, or avoid taking responsibility, this tool will not work for you.

The deck includes:

  • 44 high resonance energy art cards based on intuitively painted art by Kasia
  • A guide for how to use the cards

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