No matter how long you’ve lived 


with pain from drama and trauma 


you can heal from it in just one session.

The truth is that living with old, toxic stories of trauma and drama is hard. Even if you’ve tried a lot of different things to release that old crap, sometimes it goes so deep and you need an intervention that calls on all the angels, guides and Source beings to help.

What is it like to live with an old story of trauma or drama?

It feels like pulling away from life, not having fun, and not trusting.

It’s being afraid to have fun and fully engage in joy. To me it felt like minimizing and putting my happiness in the background just in case I would f*ck it up somehow. To avoid disappointment I refused to trust the good times because I was convinced that the bad times weren’t far behind so what was the point of getting all excited?

It’s rarely celebrating or feeling deep happiness about any achievement. I felt celebrations were a waste of time because achievements never felt like enough. I was addicted to busy work. I felt unworthy of all the happiness that I had in my life. 

It feels like friends pulling away and being excluded.

It’s constantly over-giving and yet feeling underappreciated. I felt invisible and desired validation and understanding even though I didn’t want to complain to anyone anymore. Deep down underneath my conscious awareness I craved sympathy and wanted someone to save me from my own stuff.

It just felt not good enough to be me because I couldn’t give all the things I wanted to myself.

It feels like emotional withdrawal and numbness.

It’s believing that by now we should know better and profoundly blaming ourselves for the way things are. I would try to be kind to myself and tell myself I was doing my best but consistently prove to myself that I wasn’t.

I would yell at the kids or nag them. I would pull away from my husband and not be affectionate. I would feel selfish doing and buying things for myself. I constantly felt like there was something about me to fix instead of invest in my wholeness, curiosity and growth.

It feels like not trusting, second guessing, and not getting the results you expect.

It’s that feeling of “if I just…” Accomplish something more, succeed in my work, have more clients, own my home, live in a nicer neighborhood, pay off my car, be more, do more, have more…then “they” would like me better. In fact – I would like me better.

It’s hard to follow through on any one thing because of the belief that the next inspired idea will be the best one that will save me from myself, from the way my life is; it will give me what I want, need and crave.

So I distrusted inspired ideas and felt overwhelmed by them. I felt like I would f*ck it up so, often, I wouldn’t even begin. I would over-think them to death. I would tell myself I have no time, no money to support the idea, and I’m not good enough to implement this. I assumed I couldn’t handle what this wanted to become. I wouldn’t even give myself a chance to grow into the idea or grow into the version of myself who could handle it.

It looks like freaking out and being emotionally triggered.

It’s being pissed off about being triggered again. Wishing for better emotional control overall. It’s that loud inner voice constantly pointing out shortfalls and analyzing what I could have done differently and better. Chronically assuming I had done something wrong. I never felt just right or on track. There was always this need to change, adjust, shift, tweak.

You can live without all of that! 

The imprint of those old, toxic and limiting stories can be removed and you can live from a place of trusting yourself and every choice you make, loving your life and everyone in it, confidently taking inspired action and knowing how to get clear about what you want.

Even when I lived under the heavy footprint of emotional pain and struggle something in me refused to buy into the belief that I was so doomed to suffer. So I kept digging, trying different things and working at it.

And I figured out what works and what it takes to get closure and heal. And it’s not a one size fits all formula. The foundation steps for the healing journey are the same but the tools and ingredients you need are customized to each individual person. Because you are the one who knows you best. You are the expert on you.


Walking my own large and small healing

journeys led me to know this for sure:


  • We can heal from anything when we’re ready, even if it took us decades to be ready.
  • It takes courage to ask for help and receive it.
  • Healing doesn’t have to be a lonely road and can be a joyful experience.
  • It takes brutal honesty, willingness to go there and look at the ugly stuff, and implementation of what works.
  • I don’t believe in quick fixes and I do believe in miracles. 
  • I don’t believe that you’re broken.
  • I do believe that the old story you lived through or brought into this lifetime is standing in your way of remembering that you’re already whole, valuable, inherently worthy and capable of anything.



In working with Kasia, I was amazed at how she was able to offer precise insight and to shine a light on what has been holding me back. Her intuitive awareness allowed me to heal old stories and release the emotional pain that has held me back for so long, creating a sense of deep peace.  She has an innate sense of wisdom that allows her to connect with her intuition and hold space, without judgement. ~ Tracey Swainson

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How do you know you’re ready?

When you’ve decided that you can’t go another day feeling that old shit.

When you’re ready for a total paradigm shift in your life no matter what it takes.

When you no longer care if you consciously learn the lesson or simply trust that your Soul knowing it is enough.

When you can taste the emotional freedom of the other side of all this pain even though you don’t know how to step through (break through?) the door to it.


Here’s how I help:

I hold a sacred and safe space where you can unearth the truth about that old story.

I ask the questions you’ve never been asked before that will bring in the perspective shift you crave.

I flow Source energy that clears out the imprint of that old trauma or drama on the cellular and energetic level. Your whole being breathes free and feels the relief.

When we both show up with the higher goal of releasing an old story and crossing the bridge into emotional freedom, our Spiritual teams show up and support us in every moment. 

I anchor your purest essence and transformation in an intuitively painted art piece.  

How is this different from all the things

you’ve tried before?

We work together in an integrated and holistic way. I am intuitively guided and trained to use language and transformational questions that bring to your conscious awareness the things you need to know in order to heal and shift. I call in Angels, Masters and our Spiritual teams to assist us in clearing on all levels.

I am also given the gift of intuitive art for you – a SoulTattoo™. I channel an image and paint a canvas for you that captures the truth and essence of your highest self. This intuitive paintings serves as a constant and high vibration reminder for you. It’s an anchor to your sacred self and commemorates your healing.


Kasia, What PERFECT timing. Thank you so much for the intuitive painting! Everything about it was spot on. I felt a confirmation and warmth! It’s so me! Trees speak to me — roots and leaves, I love spirals, swirling rainbow colors are representative of a message Spirit gave me at the lowest point of my life that continues to lift me. And best of all was the “mistake” of printing back upside down — absolute perfection for my life. I am about to set off on a daring adventure and I will carry this with me to remind me of all the ways I am loved and celebrated. You gave a wonderful gift — thank you! ~ Dawn Richerson 

How my work is different

The healing session is only the beginning. After the footprint of the old story is removed the work truly begins. And work doesn’t mean hard work and efforting. It means integration, harmony, visioning, tuning in, deciding, following your intuitive hits, exploring. 

We connect together for a period of 3 months.  This integration time is vital to attune and create the rhythms and flows that you want in your life now that you have emotional freedom.

If you allow the old habits to continue you risk recreating your pain. And nobody wants that!

During this time you have full access to all my mindset and Love More Not Less™ tools that guide you to strengthen and build your mindset and momentum of success and results.

We begin with a visioning process: a fun, safe and delicious way to capture your desires and identify the very first steps that move you forward.

You choose the most aligned mindset or self love tool that you will use as your guiding beacon to make sure you stay on track.

You have 3 follow up calls and unlimited access to me in my private Facebook community to make sure you stay on track.

I channel and paint your SoulTattoo™ as your anchor and reminder to stay on path, love yourself more not less, and trust your process. 


You receive 8 weeks of Source Energy flow every week to continue clearing out whatever else comes up.

An intuitive energy reading where I tune into and channel the messages that your Soul most wants you to know.

What happens after you heal?


You feel peace of mind as you make decisions and take action (no more second guessing yourself!)

You forgive yourself for all the past choices you made and it becomes easy to make new choices.

You forgive others and call back all your power so that you can live from the highest version of yourself.

You communicate clearly and confidently so that you never compromise what’s most sacred to you.

You know how to get clear on what you want so you’re never stuck in confusion.

You easily find evidence of how things are always working out for you so that the results you expect come quickly.

You know how to love yourself more even when you’re stressed or overwhelmed.

You more easily take care of yourself and give to yourself so that you are always ready to give to others.

You feel safe in your own life and your strong connection to yourself means that you trust the process of your growth and achievements.

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Who is this not for?

  • You don’t believe it’s possible to heal fast, especially from trauma and drama.
  • You would rather keep searching for a solution that you want to implement yourself.
  • You aren’t willing to change anything about your life or environment to create sustainable new habits and rhythms of living the life you want.
  • You’re unwilling to invest the time, money or other resources into living your best life.
  • You’re still blaming others for what happened to you and you don’t believe that you had any participation in creating this story in your life.


Who is this for?

  • You believe you can heal fast now that you’re ready and it doesn’t matter how long this pain has been in your life.
  • You can’t wait to make the changes you will be inspired to make in your life. 
  • You don’t want to spend any more time on diy solutions or approaches that will only clear part of the problem.
  • You want to stop talking about and focusing on the problem and you are ready for a complete solution. 
  • You are ready to invest time and resources into creating your amazing emotionally free life.
  • You know that you can achieve the impact you want to make by starting at the very first, clear step and you trust that the next steps will show up as you take action.
  • You’re ready to trust yourself more, know how to love yourself more, and to fully remember your own wholeness, value, and inherent worth as a Source Being.

What you can expect


  • The healing session where we do the main clearing work with Source Energy flow (via Skype or telephone, 60 minutes.)
  • 3 follow up sessions (30 minutes in length) at 2, 6 and 10 weeks after initial healing session. (Via Skype of telephone.)
  • I will channel, paint and ship your Soul Tattoo™ painting within the 3 months that we work together;
  • Art Delivery Q&A Session if you have questions (30 min in length, via Skype of telephone.)
  • Access to my tool chest of Love More Not Less (epic self love, self worth) and mindset tools for the duration of the 3 months we work together.
  • Unlimited access to me in my private client Facebook group. 

The investment is a one time payment of USD $997 

Payment terms are available as follows: USD $500 Deposit, 2 monthly payments of $250.

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Do you have questions for me? Contact me and let’s chat about whether this work is a good fit for you. 


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General Disclaimer

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Healing Disclaimer

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