Kasia Rachfall is an amazing coach and healer. 

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Do you get accosted by your emotions?

Yes, I mean accosted. As in you freak out a lot and wish you could just respond rationally instead of reacting?

Or the tiniest trigger can send you over the top no matter how you try to control yourself?

Or your emotions can overwhelm you and you don’t know how to manage them so you think there’s something wrong with you?

Stuck emotions will do that to you.

When negative emotions are stuck inside your body and energy field and you don’t know how to process and release them, numbing them might feel like the best solution. I’ve been there! Done that! Got the poster and the t-shirt!

So I can tell you, numbing only works for so long. Eventually, we realize that we can’t selectively numb because then we stop feeling the happy emotions, too.

The old stories and pain that caused these our negative emotions started in our past, possibly even in another lifetime, but they definitely have such an impact on our life today.

So many of us experienced drama or trauma that we weren’t equipped to deal with at the time. So our subconscious mind stuffed those emotions into our body where they live to this day. 

They live inside us in the form of trapped energy and until we release it, we will continue to freak out, struggle, feel not good enough, and spin our wheels.

In order to stop repeating the cycles of emotional overwhelm and getting accosted by what we would rather not feel, we must release and clear the stuck energy of our past. 

In the Feel Safe Feeling Experience audio course, I teach you 4 steps that you can use to unravel and release the negative effects of this stuck emotional energy. These steps will help you manage your emotional triggers in the moment they happen and, over time, release many of them altogether.

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