Business Akashic Records are a gold mine of answers for conscious entrepreneurs’ questions. 

Akashic Records are the vibrational archive of all that is, including your Soul’s journey and your business possibilities. It’s like having your guides on speed dial!

This PDF details how connecting to the wisdom of your Business and Soul Akashic Records will help you, as a conscious entrepreneur:

  • receive very specific answers to all the questions you have about your business, your alignment and the validity of your ideas 
  • know the truth about yourself that will empower you to make choices decisions easily,
  • become more confident, clear and action focused,
  • to trust your intuition more than anything else so you can grow your business, your income, and your impact in the world. 


“Thank you for our session. It was the most insightful conversation I have had in support of my soul journey and my business in 5 years.” K. Kleis, Graphic Artist


“It’s not the truth that sets you free. It’s knowing the truth that sets you free.” ~ Linda Howe