Soul of Your Business 90 minute intensive


Connecting Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs to the Wisdom of their Akashic Records for Business Growth & Success


The Akashic Records hold a complete archive of everything in existence as well as its future possibilities. They contain wisdom and guidance not only for our Soul but also for our business growth and success.

The word Akasha is “a Sanskrit word, and means primary substance, that out of which all things are formed.” (Levi H. Dowling)

I work with both the personal Soul Akashic Records where we can access all our personal stories and blocks to our growth, and the business Akashic Records which offer information about the purpose and direction of a business and guidance for the business owner.  

The business Akashic Records offer possibilities for growth and shed light on where the business owner is stuck – either because of an old, toxic story of trauma or drama or an unconscious fear or block. We heal the old story and release the blocks in the personal Akashic Record so that the possibilities in the business Akashic Record come to pass.

What to Expect?

The personal records offer perspective on personal healing and life experience. Business records offer perspective on business experience and strategy, what’s stopping it, where to tweak and pivot. The business records point to where the business owner can resolve personal blocks so that they can fully realize the potential of their work.

We can ask both Business and Soul Records about our work. The business records only offer personal information as it pertains to the business.

I have found that the business records offer what we most need to hear. Not what we want to hear unless it’s fully aligned with our own and our business’s greater purpose. 

What Questions Can I Ask?

The best questions to ask are “why” and “how” questions. “Yes,” “no” and “when” questions do not offer useful answers. The purpose of the Akashic Records is not for divination or to tell us what to do. Rather, we receive information that helps us exercise our own free will and choice to create what we desire.

Some examples of questions that offer useful information are:
What is the overall purpose of my work/business?
Who are my business guides?
What are their roles?
How do I work with them?
What is the cause/Why am I experiencing blocks in (area of business you want help in)?
What is my role for this business?
What do I need to become aware of that I don’t see right now?
What are some opportunities that I’m not seeing?

You can use some or all of these questions and ask your own. 


How to prepare for Akashic Records work?

Connect to your body and make sure you have an extra glass of water and are well hydrated. A few minutes before your session, ground yourself and take some deep, conscious breaths. 

Have your questions written out so they are readily available. 

You may record your session for future reference and so that you’re not distracted by note taking. 

Know or have your full business name/corporate number ready as we need that to open the business records.

Remain focused on what you want and remember it’s always your choice to act on the information you receive. 

During the Sessions

We begin by opening your business Akashic Records and asking the questions you want answers to. I open the records by saying a Pathway Prayer.

If the business records indicate that you have a block or old, limiting story in your personal life that can be resolved by working in your Soul Akashic Record, then we will close your business record and open up your personal record. To open up your personal record we require your full name or nickname that you go by in your daily life. 

You may experience the energy of the Akashic Records in a visceral way in your physical body or you may not feel it at all. If you have any questions about the process during the session, please ask me. 

What’s Included

  • 90 Minute session where we connect with your Business Akashic Records, meet your business guides, and if needed, do healing in your Soul Records.
  • Recording of the entire session so you don’t have to worry about taking notes.
  • Preparation guide so you know what questions you want to ask.
  • Follow up session after 2 weeks to integrate, solidify the guidance, and clear up anything that comes up.
  • SoulTattoo Miniature art that I channel and paint for you after your session.


The investment for the Akashic Records for Business is $249 USD. The session is 90 minutes long. Full payment is required prior to the start of the session. You may complete your by clicking the Buy Now button.

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