Hey, I’m Kasia

I’ll give you fair warning: I’m feisty, deeply spiritual and a science geek; and I swear. Sometimes a lot. 

I believe that we are all born worthy and whole but life makes us forget.

I believe we can break our patterns of brokenness and feel whole, accept ourselves fully, and live a life where we feel free to be our imperfect, flawed, beautiful selves. 

And I believe it doesn’t matter how long you’ve lived with a painful past, you can change fast when you’re ready. And I use the Akashic Records to help you do just that. 


I do this work because I healed myself from old, painful stories and remembered my inherent wholeness.  And I believe no one should walk their healing journey alone.

I love helping women feel safe while they work through their old stories and break the old patterns, learn how to change their relationship to their emotions, and un-numb their courage.


Despite a loving, idyllic family life I was perpetually unhappy with my life. I pretended everything was ok but inside I felt constant despair, self loathing, and massive resistance to anything good.

In fact, anytime too much good happened I expected the inevitable shit storm of bad that followed. It always came.

After the birth of my daughter I had bad post partum depression and felt suicidal. That experience set me on the path to seeking help in any way I could find it. But it would be many years before anything really changed.

In a nutshell, I hated being alive and deeply struggled being a mom. I felt like a slave to my life.

I blamed physical life for my misery, unhappiness and suffering.

I blamed my kids for my lack of time, cash flow, and not having the experiences I wanted in my life. 

It’s wasn’t pretty. I felt really f*cked up. But until those beliefs became conscious for me, they wreaked havoc with my emotions, self worth, confidence, and self love.

When I decided I couldn’t feel that way anymore, I used everything I knew to change and heal once and for all.  

I was led to the Akashic Records and that’s when everything really changed for me.

I saw my life from the perspective of my Soul and how the choices I had made across lifetimes impacted my current life, my struggles, and patterns. I received guidance on how to resolve the pain I felt in my life. I healed and remembered who I truly am at the core.

I began to live from a place of worthiness, wholeness, confidence, and self trust. And that led to the money, time, and experiences I spent so long chasing.  

Got an old story and some old patterns to kick?

 Ready to let that shit go and be emotionally free, confident, clear and trusting your decisions?

Ready to remember your wholeness and accept yourself, warts and all?

Kasia has the utmost integrity in both her personal and professional life. She is honest, congenial, and a great communicator. She has been integral in all our interactions. Kasia is an intuitive, healer and coach I greatly admire. She has the natural ability to tap into the knowledge and remove the constraints blocking someone’s highest spiritual potential. ~ Susan Crampton-Davis

My professional background and credentials include:

Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, Bachelor of Business Administration and Communications, Certified Professional Life Coach, Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy (a.k.a. Mental Emotional Release Techniques) and Hypnosis, Practitioner of Reiki and Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Intuitive Healer and Artist. In my first career I was a Chartered Insurance Professional working as a Personal and Commercial Insurance Underwriter. 

As Seen On:

“Kasia Rachfall is a highly skilled Intuitive, Healer and Mentor. In working with Kasia, I was amazed at how she was able to offer precise insight and to shine a light on what has been holding me back.

Her intuitive awareness allowed me to heal old stories and release the emotional pain that has held me back for so long, creating a sense of deep peace.  She has an innate sense of wisdom that allows her to connect with her intuition and hold space, without judgement.

As an intuitive artist, Kasia has the most amazing gift of being able to paint the energy of healing that is given to her during the session. My personal piece is “Sacred Love.” It exemplifies the very experience that I had and is blessed with so much beautiful energy that radiates off the canvas! I love walking into my healing space and welcoming me is this gorgeous piece of art to remind me of a moment in time that I will never forget! Of course, I’ve hung your beautiful painting in my healing room.  I wanted it on the door for others to see, while receiving healing themselves. I can’t tell you how grateful I am, the painting itself has so much beautiful energy. Thank you so much.

I highly recommend Kasia to anyone desiring healing support. She shines a beautiful light on your own personal story of life to help you get back into your flow!” ~ Tracey Swainson