It’s Time.

You’ve tried all the things, right? And you’ve made progress but what you crave is real and lasting transformation that will make sure your future isn’t a carbon copy of your past. So that you finally start to live your life on your own terms and thrive, not just exist. 

Thriving, feeling powerful, confident and capable in your life and work doesn’t come strictly from strategies and doing more.

It comes from remembering that you’re already whole, worthy, and capable and living from that powerful, abundant place inside you. And from cleaning up your past. 

Sounds simple, right? 

Figure out what’s stopping you, who you authentically are, become that person who already has everything you desire and boom: success!

Self Acceptance! Self Love! Freedom! Wealth!

Yes, it is simple, BUT not always easy to do on your own. Because we all have our own blind spots, fears, and plenty of past evidence of failures. We can’t always see or find our own light. 

Before you can really uncover and connect with your inner talents, latent qualities, self love and potential, you need to clean up your past and all hidden shame, limiting beliefs, and pain.

That can be scary shit. 

I’m here to help. 


You want so much and I’m here to tell you that you can have it!

It does take courage, willingness and your commitment to OWN your greatness.




  • You accept your imperfect self, are unapologetically yourself, and feel confident and settled. 
  • You are free of that thing in your past and just focus on your potential now and how it can grow. 
  • You trust that the dream inside your heart is leading you in the right direction.
  • You confidently make decisions and choices and end self sabotage and second guessing your every move.
  • Your relationships have healthy boundaries and clear communication. 
  • You easily tune into your intuition and know exactly what action to take next to create the results you want.
  • You know how to handle your own emotions no matter what comes up so you never have to numb them again. 
  • You never hide, feel small, unworthy or worry about being rejected. 

The way Kasia is able to tap into your life and business energy, see what is blocking you & then go into your personal Akashic records & get to the source of the block is amazing & so empowering. I specifically wanted more clarity on what was holding me back/blocking me and also to know if I am heading in the right direction in my business. I also wanted to know if my current offer and plan is what I am supposed to be doing and to heal my blocks and understand them better. I learned that my need to be right is holding me back, my soul has already healed and it’s just my physical body that needs to catch up. My biggest aha was the shift to trusting myself more, healing my blocks and receiving clarity on my next steps. I broke through to more confidence in myself. I have had Akashic sessions before & this was like no other. If you are a business owner who feels stuck in your business and you have tried everything, you must connect with Kasia! ~ Karla Mejia


The woman I work with is:

  • A professional, spiritual and creative. She is aged 40-55, ready to thrive & rediscover her identity as powerful, whole & enough.
  • She knows she’s on a journey & that everything happens for a reason.
  • She’s committed to breaking through the limiting patterns & remaining emotional turmoil of her past.
  • She’s ok with swearing and wants real transformation, not playing around with fluffy tactics.
  • She knows that the only magic pill is already inside her.
  • She is a self starter, motivated, and comes to every session prepared and ready to do the work. 
The first part of her life was spent coping, working, taking care of others, having a family, being all things to all people, people pleasing, losing herself in projects, work, relationships, running after a career, figuring out finances, trying to find herself, achieving, creating what she thought she wanted, wanting to feel grown up but not knowing how, feeling inadequate, questioning herself, feeling unsettled.

Now she wants to 

  • Heal her past and forgive so she can be free to thrive on her terms.
  • Grow, feel peaceful, and feel settled and content.
  • Stop running and hiding and settle into knowing herself.
  • Slow down so she can grow and expand faster.
  • Experience life instead of rushing through it. 
  • Change her relationship to her emotions, tell herself the truth and break free of her past old stories.
  • Invest in herself and take responsibility for the life and work she wants to create. 
  • Ask herself the hard, high quality questions because she knows that lasting change happens from inside her core self.


How We Work

None of my programs are cookie cutter because each woman is unique and has her own story. The transformational process I use includes:

Regaining control over your emotional state and releasing the negative emotions that most commonly derail your peace of mind.

Auditing and honouring the circumstances and stories that brought you to where you are now. This isn’t about simply digging in the past, this is about deep healing of the origins of your stories, wounds, and patterns.

Clearing the patterns and beliefs that are holding you back. Uncovering what your deep wants and desires are.

Creating new winning rituals and habits to manifest what you want. We focus on deep truth telling, epic clarity, and real transformation. No fluffy shit here. 


The first step is to complete my assessment form. 

I only work with women who are a perfect fit for the deep work that and transformation I offer. Once you complete the form you will receive a link to book a Break Free Call with me where we will talk about how I can best serve and support you.

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