Un-numb Your Power

Feel Safe Feeling

Get clear, confident and trust that you’re on the right track in business and life.

As an ambitious and driven, spiritual woman entrepreneur you’re used to having your shit together. You’re also ready to make big leaps in the impact you’re making.

But you’re questioning your decisions. You’re not 100% clear on whether you’re 100% Soul aligned.

Your confidence and focus are wishy washy, you don’t know where to begin or what strategy to follow. 

And the worst part is, your negative emotions are running wild and won’t stay numb anymore and it’s impacting everything in your life and biz: relationships, clients, self care, communication, peace of mind. 

I get it. And I know what’s happening because it happened to me more often than I care to admit!


Kasia Rachfall MNLP, MATP, CPC

Intuitive Emotional Healer, Energy Artist Sacred Space Holder

There is more to un-numbing your power than pushing through. 

Because the old, limiting or toxic (traumatic or drama-filled) stories started a long time ago. And these unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs that still live inside you become the hamster wheel. 

  • Your creative, genius energy cannot flow through because of the imprint of that trauma and drama that stole your joy.
  • You find yourself behaving and reacting in ways that you wish you could change.
  • You are emotionally numb and dob’t know how to start feeling again.
  • You’re afraid to go for opportunities or not even seeing any.
  • You are constantly doubting your every decision and desire.
  • You’re not having fun or trusting happiness.
  • You don’t know how to handle the onslaught of negative thoughts and emotions you’re experiencing.

These old stories show up at any time and especially when you want to raise the bar on your goals and desires. 

And it’s frustrating because you’ve tried all kinds of things already but you only made incremental progress.

I know because I spent almost 11 years trying counselling, journaling, affirmations, self help books, seminars, summits, girlfriend intervention, etc.

And it all brought progress in little spurts. I would feel better, get fired up again, start gaining momentum and stall. It felt like driving with my foot on the freaking break and I couldn’t figure out why!

Until I uncovered that some old, limiting stories need to be healed at the Soul level. Enter the Akashic Records, epic truth, deep healing and alignment. 

Now I help conscious women entrepreneurs uncover their own old, limiting stories, heal them, and take clear, confident action from a place of deep, Soul aligned truth no matter what emotions come up.

Hey! I’m Kasia and I am here to help you

Make decisions without second guessing yourself.

Know exactly what action to take next – no more self sabotage!

Trust your voice, your every choice, and intuitive hit.

Be able to have fun again.

Fully feel joy in your business and life.

To feel safe being you: only confidence, clarity and purpose.

And to build your business, impact and income based on your truth, essence and what you want to create,

nothing clouded by the energetic footprint of pain and negative emotions.

Are you ready to let that old stuff go and see what you’re truly capable of?

I weave together neuroscience and language based therapies with intuitive and energy work to support my clients in their healing and transformation. 

I hold a sacred and safe space for my clients to release their past so it stops impacting their present and empower them to create a future they can’t wait to create. By bridging coaching, alternative therapies (hypnosis and NLP) and spiritual modalities (Akashic Records healing, energy work, psychic/medium work) I am able to help clients who feel stuck even after doing strategic planning and mindset work.


The validation gave me confidence that won’t wane. The session is a tool, and one that I will call on a couple of times a year to receive clarity. The experience has given me an injection of purpose and excitement that I believe will stay with me. I feel more connected to me, my soul, and my spirit guides. This gives me a new level of confidence that is off the charts! ~ Carmen Reed-Gilkison

“I received confirmation of my soulful purpose, and now know what the blocks are to monetizing my biz and know who my business guides are. I received so much clarity that I was able to put together my first client package and start offering it right away. I am ready; I am enough and I am fully aligned to conquer my purpose!” ~ Eva C. Ponce

I felt open and grateful to have space to unearth the truth and a story that was holding me back and I was afraid to look at – it was unsafe on my own. Kasia calmly and peacefully moved me through a journey of healing. I felt safe, empowered, I laughed, I cried, I felt loved, supported and feel more whole now than before. Thank you! ~A-S Dumetz

Are You Ready?

I work with spiritual women entrepreneurs who are solution focused and ready to let go of that old, toxic, limiting story, be confident and clear and fully embrace their power: emotions, gifts, quirks and all! 

You’re done paying the emotional price. It’s time to remember your truth and make your impact with your life and your business. Find Out More.